KSub and KW181 Subwoofers are popular the world-over for delivering unparalleled low-end performance and are the perfect complement to any of the K and KW Series full-range active loudspeakers. With two different design configurations and both featuring a 1,000W of power, which K Family Sub is right for you?

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  • Dual 12” band-pass design ideal for general music playback
  • Adds warmth and bottom end to any full-range system with bass extension down to 44Hz
  • Compact design makes transporting and discretionary placement of the sub easy and simple


  • Direct radiating 18” subwoofer well suited for live sound applications
  • Offers additional bottom end performance with bass extension down to 35Hz
  • Provides chest thumping low end performance perfect for high-impact club music



Protect Your Investment.

Totes and Covers

Protect your K Family loudspeakers from the elements and roadies with padded totes and covers. K Family totes and covers are weather resistant and made with a heavy-duty nylon/cordura material. Totes include carrying options from the top or side, side pocket and heavy duty zippers and are available for K8, K10, K12, KW122, and KLA. Padded covers include a side pocket and are available for KW152, KW153, KW181, KW181 & KSub.

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